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M A S   P R O J E K T O R

T H E   S O U N D   O F   S A T E L L I T E S
I N   T H E   L A K E   O F   T H E   S T A R S


Mas Projektor is a futuristic musical odyssey and multi sensory landscape
created by composer & producer James Gordon Anderson.

Encompassing the spectrum of contemporary sound, art, media and performance,
Mas Projektor is an evolving experiential engine.

Performances, livestreams and digital media from the project are launching throughout 2020 and beyond.

In performance, the project comprises 10-15 sets of 75-90 minutes duration.

Each set utilises distinct soundworlds and musical approaches encompassing sustained
and atmospheric instrumental meditations, massive experimental electro-acoustic collages,
maximalist improvisation, hybrid electronica, and intimate post-classical minimalism.

Performances and broadcasts are now supported by the STRATEGY FROM TIME Audio-Visual Portal.

Strategy From Time is a sensory immersion portal and digital museum of transformative musical media and art.
Content is delivered in the highest quality media formats -
Subscribers receive exclusive access to an extensive and growing library of Music and Video Streams & Downloads,
Live and Archived Performances, Collaborations, Livestreams, Podcasts & Interactive Media.

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