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M A S   P R O J E K T O R

F U T U R E   P A L A C E   O F   U T O P I A N   P L E A S U R E S

Armies Of The Fearsome Plain    The Sound Of Satellites In The Lake Of The Stars    The Mirror And The Sea    Cosmos Bridge    Metastatic Rivers    Seismic Sonographs    Edenic Tableaux    Primal Image    Sensory Utopia    Leviathan / The Lens Of Dreaming Sound Ascendant    The Universal Symmetric    Sonic Seismographs    Universal Synthetics    Morphia Assemblage    Modular Meta Collagium    Crowd Monoliths    Sensory Peace Kits    Machine Spirits    Unity Prints    Polychoral Emblems    Stardust Mantras    Future Doubles    Obsidian Nectar    Cosmic Enigma    Tenement Cathedrals    Deep Space Poetics    Anima Matta    Maelstrom / Alsatia    Tensor Mosaics    Atlas Drift    Mirage Enconium    Helio Cathedrals    Ocean Therapy Control Fugue    Collapsible Synthetics    Future Magnetic    Surface To Air    Mountain Occasions    In Deeper Forests    Animal Satellites    Astral Catalogues    Machine Prophets    Peoples Of An Unknown Sky   

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